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Wood Flooring Consultants
Sound Attenuation Services

Hardwood floors have been favored by homeowners for generations for their natural beauty and adaptability. Unfortunately, they present a major problem when complying with noise complaints from neighbors in apartments underneath. Particularly from footsteps.

Additionally, if proper sound attenuation measures are not employed prior to the installation of wood flooring, sound reverberation within an apartment can be just as annoying. Janos Spitzer Flooring pioneered sub-flooring systems to address this particular nuisance. We will design a solution catered to your particular circumstance.

  • Proven unique impact noise solutions for wood flooring installations in vertically adjacent multi-family concrete buildings and in wood structures.
  • Sound insulation techniques for direct glue-down installation as well as for mechanically fastened systems.
  • Conforming to required AIIC ratings according to the current New York City Building Code.