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Janos P. Spitzer Consulting Services supports developers, architects and home owners with expert knowledge and informed guidance in all aspects of hardwood flooring.

With proper flooring system designs, informed material selections, and well executed installations, incidents of flooring failures are greatly reduced. Services include quality control of flooring materials and installation techniques, trouble shooting and providing advice on any issue related to the wood flooring assembly.

Wood Flooring
Specification Services

Assist in writing project specific, code compliant, and clearly defined specifications for the entire wood floor assembly.

Materials and Contractor
Locator Services

Assist in finding suitable flooring materials directly from domestic and European Manufacturers.

Wood Flooring On-Site
Quality Control Services

We conduct site inspection prior to commencement of and during any work connected to the installation of the wood floor assembly.

Wood Flooring
Sound Attenuation Services

Janos Spitzer Flooring, piorneered sub-flooring systems to address noise complaints with wood flooring in New York City apartments.

Wood Flooring
Moisture Control Services

Although we can advise on solutions to fix flooring problems that arise from moisture, our services are best employed prior to floor installation.

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