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Wood Flooring Consultants
On-Site Quality Control Services

Changing realities continually reshape the building industry. Competitive pressures and economic constraints demand that knowledge of key trends and solid practices be applied to all aspects of construction. Whether a new building or restoration, the success of every enterprise, large or small, depends on carefully managed attention to detail.

We conduct site inspection prior to commencement and during any work connected to the installation of the wood floor assembly, also while the work is in progress, making certain, that all wood flooring work is proceeding as per specification. We keep Ownership informed at all time by writing reports on all inspections performed.

  • Assist with quality control at milling facilities and fabrication facilities.
  • Assist with control of production schedules of fabrication of flooring material.
  • Assist with quality control at job site: train supervisory personnel to perform quality control of installation and sanding and finishing.