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Wood Flooring Consultants
Moisture Control Services

Moisture control rests at the heart of a successful wood floor installation. Wood is a natural product that reacts to its environment whether dry or wet, processed or not. Understanding these reactions and designing floor installations to mitigate their adverse effects prior to installation can prevent many costly repairs later.

Wood flooring that is experiencing crowning, cupping, gaps, and buckling between or within panels are all signs of moisture control gone wrong either before installation or after. Many times the wood floor was not fully acclimated in its final location. Or persistent moisture under the flooring (particularly in cement slabs) is not addressed when installing the flooring.

Although we can advise on solutions to fix flooring problems that arise from moisture, our services are best employed prior to floor installation.

  • State of the art moisture mitigation techniques for wood flooring installations in concrete buildings
  • Controlling percolating moisture emanating from concrete slabs and fresh leveling compounds
  • Ensuring expedited schedule of wood flooring installation following application of concrete leveling.