Wood Floor Consults Produce Results

There are many situations where the expert advice of a wood flooring consultant can save money, time and aggravation. Janos P. Spitzer Flooring Consultants was founded on the notion that investing early in consultation on the wood flooring aspects of a project will reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Wood flooring systems are more complex than they appear. On top of this, new construction methods, changing business realities, and competitive and econominc pressures continually reshape the building industry. This level of complexity can make it difficult for any one architect or team of architects to thoroughly manage the details. Whether large or small, new or a restoration, more than ever a successful flooring project depends on both broad knowledge of current flooring trends and meticulous attention to detail throughout the various project phases. This is why an experienced wood flooring consultant is invaluable.

Whether you’re planning a new construction project, questioning decisions made on an ongoing project, or evaluating a flooring failure situation, engaging a wood flooring consultant can help to reach a successful end result.

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