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But guess what, we still accept order’s for regular Linear flooring! Tweet

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Virtu – The Finest Wide Plank Floors Made in America

It’s time to introduce Virtu, the first American-made, custom-crafted, wide plank wood floor to feature three-layer, true balanced construction! After years devoted to research and testing, Virtu wide planks are now being manufactured for projects large and small. True balanced construction … Continue reading

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No BS with this OSB!

Multi-unit residential buildings often have very strict sound attenuation requirements for flooring installations to help isolate residents from sounds originating in the apartments of their upstairs neighbors. The requirements may originate from municipal ordinances or directly from the building’s own … Continue reading

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Is Solid Wide Plank Flooring Right For Your Project?

  There is no doubt that wide plank floors can be an effective way to introduce visual drama to a space. Unfortunately, if the flooring system is not properly designed and installed, wide planks can also introduce emotional drama to … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Data Loggers Protect Wood Floors

Control of the interior environment before, during, and after wood flooring installation is always stressed by reputable flooring contractors. Failure to control atmospheric conditions is among the worst culprits in bringing about wood flooring movement and gapping. When gaps develop, … Continue reading

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Wood Floor Consults Produce Results

There are many situations where the expert advice of a wood flooring consultant can save money, time and aggravation. Janos P. Spitzer Flooring Consultants was founded on the notion that investing early in consultation on the wood flooring aspects of … Continue reading

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Kitchen Talk

It is a fact that wood flooring installations have become commonplace in kitchens. Such flooring installations are normally laid wall-to-wall before the installation of cabinets, countertops, and appliances. It is also true that most water-related disasters happen in the kitchen, … Continue reading

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So Many Ways to Fail … Let Us Count the Ways

Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Try explaining a flooring failure to a client with those words and you’re liable to be escorted out the door, or more likely, given the … Continue reading

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Across the Grain Blog Launched!

Welcome to the Across the Grain wood flooring blog! We will be making regular posts dealing with all things wood floor. We have a long history to draw upon (48 years in the business!), so we should not be at … Continue reading

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