3-Ply Solid Flooring Planks

We are proud to offer domestically manufactured 3-ply solid flooring planks in widths up to 12 inches. This 3-ply construction replicates a century-old wide plank design that can still be found in some of the finest residences from the era.

These wide planks are custom fabricated, so the species, width and length requirements are able to be specified for each project. Our 3-ply constructions offer superior dimensional stability, and can be nailed to a subfloor, or glued down directly to concrete or a sound isolation blanket.

  • We offer:
  • FSC Certified lumber
  • Domestic & exotic species of the highest quality
  • Wide planks up to 12 inches
  • Lengths up to 14 feet
  • True balanced construction
  • Solid cross-banding stabilizes the assembly
  • Ideal for Radiant Heat applications